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Saturday, February 19, 2011

a thing that you regret most in your life..

(gloomy day..)

I tell you honestly that I cant speak English fluently.. shame on me! do you know how much i tried to be like those who speak fluently??

my friends told me to hear english song.. then, i forced my self to turn on HITZ.fm and FLY.fm every time i am listening to the radio.. if i like a song, i will find the lyric and try to sing along with the singer..

my teachers suggested me to read english newspaper...i told my abah to buy the star..in my school, we subscribe to the New Strait Time...and everyday i copied the word i never understand and seems to be new for me in my vocabulary book ..

after SPM, i joined English centre in their program..i entered grammar class... i know my grammar is suck!..when i've got the offer letter from matriculation, i went there even the grammar class still not finish yet..

when i am a university student, i dont know how much i regretted cannot speak in english...i have no confident to talk with my friends.. i need to prepare more when there is a presentation...i felt low self esteem when i have no ability to bring out my idea while practical training even though i know i am very good in doing my work...i need back up person to help me when i have to do my work in English...

do you know how much loser i am??? the thing that i cannot speak in english really made me regret most in my life..that thing also made me lost the opportunity to further study in oversea...ahh, i really want it since my little time...

just another 3 months, i will finish my study and going to search for the job...now, i am very afraid that i cant do my best in the interview session...and i know, working environment is much more challenging...

sigh...(malu nyer...)

### i would like to send my children to international school or try to speak in many language with them...


nur baizura said...

hehe..masa interview tu cakap je ape pon.kalau salah buat muka dungu sudah.haha

zuhanismohamed said...

I'm also really slow in speaking English..

I look stupid when I speak in English..isk

cik_paan said...

anyway, u can start now, actually
you should have the confident..
i tell you a trick

read english article (yang terror lah english nya dan content)
and read it aloud and clear

then recite it

try talk to foreigners..

mr delirium said...

dari kecik sampi beso kite blaja ingelish kan..tp xpernah pandai..hohoho..acu cbe try test ckap ngn mmbr2 lak ingelish..hahaha

p/s time spm..ingelish lg sng dr BM..hueheue

Aujinz said...

My English more than worst!
no shit :))