Kuncu-kuncu Cik 18

Monday, November 29, 2010

what should I do

everyday, every hour, every minutes even every second, it is making me sick..

i juz wanna be another Cik 18...

i juz wanna be like other girls..

i juz wanna be a woman with a lot of extra fantasy dream hope to be realistic..

like to huhhaaa, chatting, flirting, shopping, 'lepak'ing and watever it wanna be for a teenager like me...


it juz a dream...

it juz a wish but never ever come...

it juz a 'huh' nobody can accept with a bunch of smile..

i dont care how many guys propose to me...it make me hurt..it make me cry..i cant accept with a great 'YES'..

"I'M SORRY"...the word sincerely come from my heart..

then, sorry if my existence make you feel im the only girl of your soul..

i'm protecting of my heart..i never want to get silly all the time and i never want to be dump by a man...

### im not in serious mood..im not in emo mood...sometimes, i feel lonely..but single make me appreciate Allah most of the time..

### cik 18 bukan tutp hati utk lelaki tapi kesan disakiti amat sangat pedihh


Aujinz said...

sabar yer cik 18..
semoga hari hari mendatang akan lebih baik..


anakmuo said...

sabar... sabar... dan sabar... =)