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Monday, November 1, 2010

choose either one..fren or love

i have a fren..we have been together since primary school..he is a famous guy becoz of his mother is a teacher in our school...he's good looking and kinda friendly..he's very talkative and because of his 'mulut lancang', we fight everyday kot...

i remembered 1 day he told me that i am juz like his litter sister..at dat time, i felt very closed to him..he said, his mother gave birth of him in the earth and gave birth of me in the pluto (haha..it funny joke but i felt calm..we are only 8 years at dat time when he said about diz)...u know what, we kinda sibling and get along whatever we did..

someday, he got couple with my fren..(ohh..we are 9 years old and he found his love very2 early ok)..and very sure i felt like im alone and abandoned by him..however, we still in the same class until year 6..

we didnt close after i went to a boarding school in Perak...1 day, my mum said her friend has a son who know me a lot..i asked her who is he and he told me this guy's name..accidentally, his mom transferred to the secondary school where's my mum taught...his mom and my mum always said that they want to marry us..huh!..

since then, we closed back and seeing each other..after PMR, i went to a technical school and his school is juz near to my school and diz is the first time he went to a boarding school...he always be a top student of his batch and was further study to India to be a dentist in becoming 4 years...

although we a far apart, we still contact and i can message him freely..i dont know why..maybe Celcom know this relationship is very special..heh! we ym everyday..sometimes, he called me..he also bought for me things from India..i  love the 'jubah' that he bought..it's nice...he said, he had used his friend to measure the height of jubah since im a cute (pendek sket laa)...he got a nice taste...he said, he will buy for me a bracelet made from crystal when he go to north India..

now, he is in relationship with his junior..also study in India...same as his first time couple, he forgot me already...no YM, no message, no call, no seeing each other again..i wait for him when i know he will be back to Malaysia but he didnt want to see me..u know how much im hurt when i heard diz??? he told me to wait for him, wait for the bracelet, wait for the movie and go around KL together but he's forgot his promises..

im wishing he will call me on my birthday but until now, im juz wait for nothing..i had dream about him..not once but many times...he comes to me and said he is sick..but I dont know whats kind of sick..his pale face make me worried..when im awake, i send a message but never have a reply..

deep in my heart, i love him a lot as my brother..i like him since we found each other...i feel easy with him..he always be my brother even he forget me now and ever..even our parents like to see us together, we have our own choice..i cant be his lover and i dont think i can love him like I love my ex boyfrend..but i love to be his sister when he always mumbling dont do this, dont do that to me..ahhh..i like the way he's caring to me since i have no brother...

now, i feel sad...juz a sentence..

i have no need to see other girls since i have a girlfriend...
is it his words??? is it what he want to do?? is it the words come from him??? ahhhh...juz he's the only one who knows everything (beside Allah)...

#### ohh..grammer tunggang langgang...memang xreti BI..


Madam ika said...

I prefer money. Kehkeh. *joking. Lawak tak lawak tak? Kahkah.

Kapten said...

plot yang baik untuk buat cerita
i prefer good ending untuk heroin

err.. tp kalau aku karang... ending sedih kot (terpengaruh dengan cerita jepun)