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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

pretend to be cool

hi readers!

my friend came to my room..she sat on my bed and started to story about her life..

she has a boyfriend who is a lecturer in my University..her relationship got better after they had an accident 2 months ago..before this, she is not really confident with this guy..

she told me that her boyfriend ask her to marry him..she don't know what to say of course because she not yet finish study..

then, she told me her dreams on her wedding day..she want to be like this and like that..surely, i'm happy to hear her wish list..

after she back to her room, i sat in front of my laptop and searching on some kind of 'pelamin', wedding dress, make up, and the wedding's food..

i found many photos of bride and groom on their wedding day..i saw their shining face..i can feel the love in them..

haha..i'm getting older day by day..everybody keeps asking me 'who is your boyfriend?' and i smiled..i myself don't know who is the lucky guy..

i pretend to be cool..yeah..it's me..

can we pretend that air plane in the night sky like shooting start,
i can really use a wish right now, wish right now wish right now...

### ahh.. your grammar is so trashes...


Aujinz said...

koh koh koh.. who's that lucky guy??.. ngeh ngeh ngeh

NuSaNa NoSa 91 said...

don't worry dear.. for me, love after marriage is the sweetest thing.. hope u get a nice man~ ^_^

cik 18 said...


i dont know yet...u maybe?? haha

cik 18 said...


thanks..same with me..i need love after marriage..


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